Stephan de la Peña

I studied Politics focusing on International Relations and Development at the London School of Economics and Frankfurt Goethe University (Germany). As a student and youth leader I gained international leadership experience. As a branch manager of an NGO in Bafut, Cameroon I gathered valuable cultural insights that assist my work with Fairlink. My analytical and research skills benefited from my work at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. When I stumbled over the field of social entrepreneurship I wrote my thesis about the emerging field and its actors and founded Fairlink.

Francois Briod

After a bachelor of science in Management at HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) and the Free University Berlin, I jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of my technological and entrepreneurial enthusiasm and my desire to have a positive social impact to support the development of Fairlink.

Júlia Gutiérrez Peris

I grew up in Barcelona and studied International Affairs focusing on the dynamics of cooperation and the global society in St. Gallen in Switzerland. After gaining international experience at the Spanish Consulate in Zürich, I began to work for a foundation supporting research in paraplegia. Drawn by its vision and team, I joined Fairlink and currently hold our base in Berlin.

Stephen Leendertz

I studied South-East-Asian studies (Cologne / Bonn) and Business & Finance in London. Afterwards I was working as an accredited quality manager and auditor (Dekra) for certain ISO norms relevant to the management of service and production companies. After starting my own company and conducting several development assistance projects in cooperation with various international institutions, I finally moved to Indonesia with my family. I think that Fairlink is a great approach to ease the pressing issue of unemployment, which especially concerns highly educated people in countries like Indonesia.

Nicole Winchell

I grew up in the Unites States, in a small town on the coast of Maine. I received my B.A. at the University of Vermont and then began my graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. I lived and studied in South Africa, where I conducted research on multiculturalism and social change in the post-apartheid era. In 2009 I came to Berlin and received my M.A. in Intercultural Conflict Management. Since graduating I’ve worked for a number of startups, doing everything from Product Management to PR and Marketing. I think Fairlink’s mission is unique and believe it to be a positive example of a social enterprise that can have a real, meaningful impact.