Spend more time doing what matters most
to you.

Fairsource the rest.

Work from anywhere and anytime on the jobs of
your choice.

Get your job done.

  • Transcriptions, Online Research, Translations and more
  • Multi-layered quality assurance
  • Simple: send in your work, we return results, done!
  • Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee
  • Low price: leveraging global income disparities
  • Service Partners guaranteed fair wages

Find work.

  • Leverage your education. Make use of your knowledge.
  • Benefit from continuous feedback and improve your skills.
  • Simple. Sign up. Complete the tests. Start working.
  • Gain experience working for international customers.
  • Flexible. Work from home. When and as much as you want.
  • Earn a fair wage. Save up. Even without a bank account.

Who we are

Fairlink is a young,  mission-driven social impact business offering high-quality and low-cost knowledge-based services. We are based and registered in Berlin. Our dynamic team works from Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany,Pakistan, Philippines, and Uganda.

Our Mission

Empower educated people in low-income countries by creating fair, safe, and sustainable income opportunities. We do this by assisting these individuals to sell knowledge-based quality services to customers in high-income countries.

Our Story

After working in Cameroon, our founder received a call for help from a former student who couldn’t find work after graduating. Fairlink is his response.

Fairlink clients

“I quite like the concept, but most importantly: the price is right. Fairlink offers great quality at a price that is attractive for both sides.”

Francis Pisani, Journalist and Blogger, LeMonde.fr

“Outsourcing with Fairlink gives me more time to focus on my priorities.”

Annika Poppe, Phd Student, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

"I chose Fairlink because it offers me good quality for a small price. I was very satisfied with the service and like their cause.”

Dominik Rüede, Research Assistant, EBS Business School